The autonomous cars of Ford are so good that the engineers “could” fall asleep in them

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Ford Engine goes ahead with his plans in terms of autonomous vehicles refers. They are currently in the second phase of testing and it seems that their cars are doing quite well. Ford Fusion, second-generation, that they are using to carry them out incorporates new and better units, lidar, as well as radars and cameras that can recognize objects up to about 600 meters.

All these improvements are allowing that the autonomous vehicle of Ford go improving day to day skills and therefore would be a matter of short time to see rhodes in the streets. However, it seems that there is a problem in the execution of its tests and is that engineers who accompany the cars have declared that they could well fall asleep at the wheel of a well-operated cars (eye, is not to fall asleep, which is different).

Ford Fusion frontal

As reported by Ford the functioning of their cars is so good and soft the firm’s engineers are concerned by how drivers behave when they are at the wheel of his car. According to the manufacturer “high levels of automation could provide a false sense of security, and this represents a challenge to the driver to regain full consciousness and control of the vehicle, if a situation arises where the technology could not work”.

According to Raj Nair, head of product development at Ford Motor, “the engineers that accompany the autonomous cars of Ford are trained to observe what is happening,”, however, he also added that the human nature is doing that every time we rely more on the autonomous vehicle, by which the attention is lost in other activities”.

to prevent problems related To distractions, Ford has decided to take a further step in its strategy for autonomous vehicles. As reported some time ago, the idea behind the signature blue oval is launching a car without a steering wheel and pedals to the market for the year 2021. Therefore, they decided to jump of the level of autonomy 3 of his car to the more advanced 4 and 5. In this way the development of their technology will advance even faster and therefore be able to comply with this idea before the deadline.

Source – Autoblog

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