The autonomous vehicles can be test in California

Lexus GS autónomo autonomous vehicles are a reality necessarily need to be brands the try. These tests and test validation necessarily should be made on roads open at the traffic as if there would be cheating the systems of surveillance and control of traffic. However not all countries commit to enable brands to try and get their autonomous vehicles on their roads.

One of the countries that seemed was going to put the more difficult things was united States. However many of the states that make up this great nation have been opening their roads for brands to prove their driving systems autonomous. The last of them has been to California thanks to the sale of some land dedicated previously for the storage of naval weapons.

Coche Google

In these areas will create a business park for the inspection and testing of vehicles fully autonomous. This arises from the project of the law that has authorized the governor of the state of California, Mr. Jerry Brown. With this law it will be launched the project GoMentum that will be led by the Transportation Authority of California and on that basis he will create a business park in the city of San Ramon.

This business park will have a part of its facilities located in areas closed to traffic, and other open to the same. Thanks to this strategic location, the autonomous vehicles will be able to travel on both road types and brands will be able to better hone their driving systems autonomous.

This information has been very well received by manufacturers such as Honda and Mercedes-Benz. In addition to Uber is already using the facilities closed to traffic to test their cars, so now you will relocate to these new facilities. To finish, both Apple as Google have also shown their interest in using these facilities.

Source – The Mercury News