The Autopilot in the Tesla Model S has already been forcefully disabled in some regions


The Autopilot in the Tesla Model S has been disabled in Hong Kong by order of the local Government

The update most famous of the Tesla Model S so far is the so-called “Version 7” -or Update 7.0 – in that incorporated a new autopilot function in beta phase. Now, this function has been prohibited in some regions, not because of its bad performance but for the bad use on the part of the owners.

it Is a driving assistance advanced, non-driving autonomous

the drivers of the luxury saloon in Hong Kong (China) for a couple of months have seen the disappearance of this function. The local Government has prohibited the Autopilot of the Model S, demanding to Tesla disable remotely software of the vehicles in the area. Of course, the owners didn’t sit at all well with this decision. According to the source, are reported similar cases in some areas Japan.

The programming has benefited from the information provided from the GPS, the cameras, ultrasonic and radar to control the steering and pedals of the vehicle, allowing it to lead us automatically to our destination. But this function is only allowed in certain situations: highway in good condition and favorable meteorology.

however Elon Musk warned that it is a driving assistance very advanced, not a driving system autonomous. So the drivers should not drop ever the steering wheel for what can happen and the manufacturer would not be responsible accidents that may cause.

The problem is that several owners have done ignore these last conditions, recording even countless videos in which the vehicle is driving alone while the driver shrugs completely from your sole job: to control the situation. The result has been some accidents in which has not so far been needed regret human lives.

This situation reopens the debate of the driving systems autonomous, although officially the Autopilot in the Tesla is not, and safety standards. Muddy terrain that is not yet very clear about where would be the responsibility in the case of an accident.