The Autopilot Tesla hacked


In recent years, autonomous cars have gone a long way to get greater security, however, as a machine that is still there are many unforeseen events which is beyond its control and may occur cases such as the make and resulted in the death of his driver.

around this fatal accident, a group of Researchers from the University of South Carolina, Zhejiang University and the security company, china’s Qihoo 360, have found the way of confuse intentionally the sensors of the automatic pilot to make you believe the car that there is nothing around it when it is not.

An investigation rather surprising, given that the idea that the car doesn’t detect anything, even though you are surrounded by cars, people or obstacles, you could to put in danger the life of the occupants of the vehicle and of those who are around him. These researchers have also been able to to fool the sensors of the Tesla to get the counter function, the car to detect objects that do not exist.

With this have tried to demonstrate that any system that is for very sure that we what we want
selling is susceptible of being hacked,
the vulnerability is very high and this is something that you should take into account all the
companies that are working on developments for autonomous cars.

The full results of the study will be announced in the next conference of hackers, DEF con. However, those responsible have already ahead of time that is not something that any person can perform from one day to another, as it requires at least two generators of signals of radio manufactured by Keysight Technologies that are not exactly cheap, its price amounts to $ 90,000 each, and they are therefore not within the reach of anyone, in addition to jamming devices to confuse the ultrasonic sensors of the vehicle.