The Autopilot Tesla is able to predict an accident seconds before it happens

┬┐Can the system Autopilot Tesla predict accidents? The answer lies in the video that you have just above. In the last hours has spread like wildfire in the social networks this brief video in which you can see from a Tesla Model S accident that have a Opel Corsa and a SUV with black color that was stopped in the left lane. The driver of the Opel did not react in time and is unable to stop his vehicle to avoid the accident.

however, the most surprising fact of this fact is what happens with the Model S from which to record the event. And is that the Autopilot reacts long before the accident itself. What predicts? In part yes, but better let’s get in details to understand that occurs in the conduction system of assisted developed by Tesla, and which is currently found in the Model S, and Model X.

The accident takes place on the highway A2 near Eindhoven (the Netherlands), and by what we see (and hear), the Autopilot allows the driver of the Tesla Model S to avoid being involved in this accident, had not counted with this technology and to be a little clueless, could well have been added to the Opel Corsa and colliding with both vehicles.

El Autopilot de Tesla predice accidentes

The system Autopilot Tesla can predict the accident moments before they occur.

despite this, the system Autopilot emits the audible alert before the accident to warn the driver that there is an imminent danger. Barely two seconds later it takes place the shock of the Opel with the vehicle stopped in the left lane. Immediately, the vehicle makes use of the system of emergency braking to automatically stop the car.

But, how to predict the Autopilot is going to happen in an accident? Here comes into play all of the improvements that has received the driving system assisted after the release of version 8.0 which increased the performance of the radar and the cameras that make up all of the hardware that uses the system Autopilot. The radar detects seconds before the danger that was looming to be able to stop the vehicle safely.