The Autopilot Tesla saves a driver taking you to the nearest hospital

Tesla Model X

The “Autopilot” of a Tesla Model X has saved the life of his driver.

Without a doubt, during the last few weeks, and with the exception of the implementation of the new “Master Plan” of Tesla Motors, the debate has revolved around the company led by Elon Musk has been on the alleged insecurity of the Autopilot. The fact that it has been several incidents (some of them have ended in accidents with significant consequences) has raised the alarm (unjustified in my opinion) between those media generalists who have just delved into the true cause of the first fatal accident of the Autopilot Tesla.

however, not all that there is around the Autopilot Tesla is negative. Proof of this is the fact that had occurred not many days ago in a small town in the us called Springfield. The protagonist of our story is called Joshua Neally and has 37 years. A lawyer by profession, Neally can give the thanks to the technology developed by Tesla Motors as it has saved to it life.

During the month of July, Joshua Neally acquired its expected Tesla Model X, and a few days later, she saved my life. In particular, at the end of last month Neally decided to leave a few minutes before the office of his law firm and go to his house in the city of Branson. A journey that usually takes to complete is about 45 minutes. But, when wearing barely ten miles from his usual route, Neally began to feel very ill.

Tesla Model X

The car drove autonomously to the closest hospital.

Something was going very wrong. Joshua Neally began to suffer stomach pains and in the abdomen. The driver of our history you did not know, but he was suffering from a pulmonary embolism. Neally described the pain as “if you travel through the chest with a steel pole”. Realizing that the pain was growing, he decided to call his wife, which indicated to her that she was heading to the nearest hospital.

Seeing that he could not lead by their own means to the hospital because of the pain, activated the Autopilot of your Tesla Model X and the car headed to the hospital nearest. For more than 32 kilometers of road, the vehicle drove autonomously. The luck is that the hospital was just to the side of the exit of the motorway. Joshua only had to handle the steering wheel during parking maneuvers and later tipped off the medical staff for treatment.

After recovering from the event that could have cost the life, ensures that you do not remember what happened during a large part of the journey. Yes, Joshua has commented that seeing what happened with perspective, like the best thing would have been to stop on the hard shoulder of the road and let an ambulance. In any case, we can say that the Autopilot saved him the life of this young lawyer.