The Autopilot Tesla under investigation after its first fatal accident

Tesla Model S 2017From 2015, Tesla has incorporated into their vehicles, the well-known Autopilot, a driving system, semi-autonomous, which enables the vehicle to do some functions by itself. Since its launch has caused some controversy, even being banned in Hong Kong after several accidents. This time the thing is more serious, because for the first time has died a person in an accident with the Autopilot activated.

Joshua Brown, a man of 45 years old from Florida, was at the wheel of his Tesla Model S, 2015, with the Autopilot running when a truck with a trailer crossed into his path. Brown gave him no time to react, and the Autopilot also could not detect the obstacle or to avoid the accident. Tesla believed that the problem was that to be the side of the trailer, white in color, not had elements that reflected the light and the systems were not able to detect it on time.

Tesla-Model-S-InteriorTesla since he met the accident has in solidarity with the family of the victim and continue to defend its technology. According to them they have travelled more than 209 millions of miles to the Autopilot and is the first death in these circumstances. The statistics say that in normal situations there is usually one victim for every 151 million kilometers tours.

Tesla has always said that its technology is not infallible and which requires the attention of the driver and a good use of the system.They may not be to blame directly the Autopilot of Tesla and not the driver, but the NHTSA (body responsible for safety on the roads of the united States) has decided to take action in the matter. Open research to determine the circumstances of the accident.

Source – Tesla

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