The Autopilot was not on in the crash of the Tesla Model X

Tesla Model XWhen it had not yet been established the causes of the first accident fatalities with the autopilot on, the autopilot, came another news about this device. Apparently, the driver of a Tesla Model X had filed a complaint to the company stating that he also suffered an accident, this time in Pennsylvania, when cnducía with this device activated. Days after the brand has launched a press release in which he claims that in this latter case in the autopilot was not on, and therefore this technology has nothing to do in the accident.

The news of a second accident in a Tesla with the autopilot activated, arrived shortly after the accident, Joshua Brown. In this case, had not to mourn victims deadly. The owner of a Tesla Model X stated that because of the malfunction of the autopilot, the vehicle struck a safety barrier and ended up overturned on the roadway. This driver added that in the time of the collision he maintained a speed about 90 or 95 km/h, and that before I had turned the driving semi-automatic.

Tesla Model XAlthough, according to Tesla, the causes of this second accident did not have any kind of relationship with your auto-pilot, holding that at the time of the accident was not activated this function. After studying the accident, the company has concluded that in the hit is not influenced by this technology that today is so persecuted, because it was not in operation. The same Elon Musk has stated that “the records indicate that the autopilot was off in the accident in Pennsylvania. If not, the accident would not have occurred.”

in Spite of this, we are still without an explanation for the first accident with fatalities in a Tesla with the autopilot activated. Of time, some means, such as Consumer Reports, have asked Tesla, I removed this system claiming that we are not yet prepared.

Source – Tesla Motors Club