The average price of the V. O. goes up 8.3% during the month of August

Coches nuevos campaThe market V. O., in Spain is still strong despite the growth that are experiencing the enrollment of new vehicles. This market has in the Volkswagen Golf and Renault Megane two of its biggest champions, as they are preferred by the public at large in Spain. Its importance is such that during the month of August have been sold to a total of 158.550 V. O.

The claim of V. O., is such that average price in Spain continues to grow with respect to other months. During the past month of August the bill that you pay for one of them has increased in a 8.3 percent with respect to the same month last year. According to the Institute of Studies of Automotive sector (IEA) the average price has been located in 14.028 € .

ocasion-2014-barcelona-3If we focus on the type of fuel preferred of the buyers, the models with motorization diesel win by a landslide. These are placed in a 70,8 percent of the market V. O., leaving the models of gas in a 28,2 per cent. Finally shut vehicles electrical and hybrid with a 1 percent of the market.

With regards to your old the park is divided into two sections. On the one hand, with a 49,8 percent of the market V. O., there are vehicles with up to 5 years. On the other hand there are vehicles with more than 6 years representing a 50.2 per cent of the market.

To end we must study the evolution of your price. In August, the only Autonomous region that has decreased their average price has been Rioja with a fall of 3,1 per cent. On the contrary, the Communities in which has grown its price have been Catalonia with 23.6 percent, Aragon with a 21.9 per cent and the Community Valencia with a 17.8 per cent.

If we translate these increases percentage we have that Catalonia is the most face to acquire a V. O., having to pay an average of 15.200 euros. The second in the ranking is the Basque Country with an average price of 14.956 euros and closes it Aragon with 14.768 euros. On the opposite side we have and the Autonomous Community more economic Extremadura with a price located in 10.193 euros.

Source – Institute of Studies of Automotive