The award-winning Grosjean to a non-graceful Haas F1


Haas F1 was the protagonist of the GP of Australia for many reasons. Esteban GutiƩrrez was invited as a guest of stone in the accident of Fernando Alonso. A mishap that caused a red flag and that led to the choices of Romain Grosjean. The French rider has improved markedly in the second half of the race and took advantage of a good strategy, the errors in the tires mounted on other computers, and the various mishaps befalling in the race, led to the VF-16 to the points. Romain Grosjean finished sixth, which scored the first eight points in the trajectory of Haas F1 Team in Formula 1.

A performance that had his prize, even if it is with symbolic character. Romain Grosjean was appointed ‘Pilot of the Day’ in the GP of Australia. Although, in theory, are the fans the ones responsible to deliver this award with their votes, it is certain that at the end has been a prize almost to the finger by the FOM, since the vote was allowed to vote on more than one occasion, fired at the people to cause such a result unlikely. In fact, Rio Haryanto was the pilot with the most votes and Daniil Kvyat without taking the output received more votes than Carlos Sainz or Felipe Massa.

In any case, Haas F1 Team can draw a positive balance, as they have had a considerable role and Romain Grosjean scored 8 points that are almost guaranteed to exceed the end of the year to the Manor in the constructors. A position that will bring money to a team that you will not receive bonus compensation in the first year, as explained in ‘Nextgen-Auto’ Bernie Ecclestone: “When Haas F1 decided to enter into Formula 1 they knew what they had. Wanted to come, but we told them that there was no bonus in the first year. It is not the end of the world for them. If someone wants to be competitive in F1 must stay for at least four years and spend a trillion dollars, as did Red Bull”.