THE BAC Mono is updated and it gains interior space

BAC Mono 2016

Important update to receive the new BAC Mono. The well-known “ultra-radical” car receives a fine tuning of your chassis that translates to the dessert in greater interior space for the driver. Thanks to this extra space, the small cabin of the Monkey adapts much better to any type of rider. Now, the other aspects remain as is.

that Is to say, both the (aerodynamic as the weight or the exterior dimensions remain unchanged. The extra space gained in the interior has been possible thanks to have made a small modification on the sides of the safety cell and in the assembly of new side panels, which are now thinner. All of these changes translate into 56 mm of space additional.

it May seem a increase very small, but in this type of vehicle every inch that you can win is quite an achievement. And more without disrupting the rest of the characteristics of the same. And by the way, now optionally, customers can opt for a few side panels carbon fiber. Both the flywheel and the seat are still made to measure for each client. Totally custom.

BAC Mono 2016 - chasis

Ian Briggs, co-founder of BAC, commented the following about the major update that you have received your car:

“Every change that we make in the BAC Mono is aimed to improve the experience of our customers and this update aims to make the most of the space for the driver. Thanks to the close relationship that we maintain with our clients, we are always listening to their proposals to continue improving day by day.

we Hope that with these changes the Mono display more attractive for the markets that we’re expanding currently (the united States and the Middle East)”.

mechanically there are no changes in this aspect so we can say that the BAC Mono is still a “BAC 100%”. It is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and achieve a maximum speed of 274 km/h respectively. Remember that is powered by a engine 2.5 Mountune four-cylinder that produces 305 horsepower.