The bad education and the safety belt


The bus crash was very modern – the Image of the company

This week we have been witnesses to the indirect another bus full of children/teens who have an accident. Fortunately, the consequences have been a few scares, slightly wounded and a child entered. It could have been much, much worse, given that minors are not carried in their majority the seat belt fastened, as revealed by the research.

I’m going to overlook the fact that the driver has given a positive for cocaine, as before, has demonstrated his guilt, and because the accident may have been caused by a mechanical failure completely oblivious to what has taken or failed to take that person.

The crux of the question is why all those guys were traveling in a bus without the use of safety belts. We talk about guys in their totality have been born in the TWENTY-first Century, with an enormous amount of information available. Even a mother told the press that it was the fault of the driver that the children were loose.


The seat belt is as necessary in cars and on buses, in both cases it is safer to use it than not use it

No, madam, the culprit was you, and the other mothers, without forgetting the parents, legal guardians, or equivalent figures. All these children would have to fasten the safety belt, taught from home, and not delegating that task in who -even though she wants to – it cannot control both a teenager if you intend to concentrate on driving. The bus driver is not a father figure.

The bus is one of the most secure transportation means that there are, and have seat belts, its use is mandatory. The legislation distinguishes between bus use urban and interurban, for practical reasons the 100% of the passengers do not go tied up in short trips. Another thing is if you should do it.

Since October 2007 it is compulsory that the seat belts come from the factory in new buses, in the previous to that date, there is no such mandatory requirement (in 2014 the PP blocked a reform retroactive). This is not the case of the bus of Fuenlabrada, it was modern and therefore had belts. The minors of age above three years, are required to use it.

Initially it was reported that the minor had properly used the seat belt

Given the dynamic characteristics of a bus, one of the biggest risks is that of tipping, and with the safety belt the passenger is attached to your seat, avoiding to fly through a moon, or be seriously injured -or even killed – by hitting the ceiling or the floor. It is inexplicable that, at this stage, still have to insist on something like that.

it Seems that it has learned nothing from the tragedy of the bus full of Erasmus students who came back for the Fallas in Valencia in 2016. Died 13 girls who didn’t use the seatbelt, but could have been more, since they were not the only ones. The ballots are to survive in a bus accident are much higher using a safety belt.

In the mid-90’s, when it began to harden the legislation on the subject, began to convince people that I should bring forward. To convince you to go back it takes more time, is not yet a victory won. The next step against this illogical resistance is to do it in the bus.


In the city buses it is understandable that you have passengers without a belt, especially if they’re standing, but at least they will hold some form

All the boys ‘ parents, and by inclusion, all the parents know who have children going on buses, they would have to ask yourself one question: “why my child is traveling without a seat belt on a bus?” In my humble opinion, that has to learn one in your home, you do not have to delegate to the education system for something like that.

it Is understandable that parents instruct their children according to their preferences or ideology, but this is different. Wearing a seat belt is not ideological issue, it is a matter of survival. Whether or not it is a thing of the driver that the accident has occurred, that in the end is the least of it, what is important is that with a seat belt the outcome is always less severe.

If the parents would not apply to throw your child on the road, just before you pass a car, why are you not concerned that trip without using the safety belt? It is still more inexplicable that, that yes used in the family vehicle, then do not do it in the bus. What has failed in the system that you have to repeat this in full 2017?

parents, accept your responsibility. And don’t blame all the bus driver, have a golden opportunity to teach their children why they should always ride strapped, not going to be there a second time and do not have a driver allegedly on drugs to blame.