The bands reducing “guard bed” raise the pollution

Guardia acostado Bandas reductoras

Our cities are seeded them and every time we pass one we remember the poor of the mother of the who invented. It is true that the lady is not to blame that the “guards lying” (or lying down is a matter of taste) we make the puñeta when we drive with our cars in certain areas of the city. These bands speed reduction gearboxes are annoying because of the noise they cause and at the same time make certain mechanical organs of importance of the car, such as steering and suspension to suffer more of the account.

With them, the municipal authorities want the speed of certain streets to reduce in a sensitive way, however according to a study developed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) could be behind part of the pollution of our cities. According to this agency the pollution from the cities is increased by the use of these elements.

Guardia acostado Bandas reductoras

The reason that gives this agency is that the bands reducing force drivers to reduce the speed so sensitive and with it the consumption of the engines varies by burning more or less fuel. In addition, other elements such as the brakes also give off particles of heavy metals that reach the air and are ultimately inhaled by pedestrians.

The solution proposed to regulate the traffic effectively is the introduction of speed limits variables by light signals at the same time we remove from our streets these bands is reducing. According to health experts, the acceleration and deceleration of the car will cause more than 64 percent of the atmospheric pollution and applying the solutions that they propose could be substantially reduced.

whatever the guards lying have never been liked by anyone, but with this report, we could be about to see them disappear from our streets. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Source – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)