The Batcave is real: the perfect garage is invisible and is in Australia

Imagine that you have a mansion nearly 100 years in your hands. How lucky! But while you love cars and you have a collection that you want to preserve in a unique atmosphere. The Wayne Residence – Bruce Wayne, clearly – is in Adelaide, Australia. It is a project undertaken by a firm of architects called Molecule, who created under a brick mansion a garage inspired by “The Dark Knight” . It is a completely invisible from the outside of the mansion garage.

The hydraulic lift for tennis takes a minute to open.

Do not think it has been easy to adapt the basement garage of a similar size. At that time the mansions did not think that would have wealthy owners who would like to save dozens of cars underneath. The construction excavated the garden full , to build an area of ​​hundreds of square meters. The garage is accessed under the tennis court of the mansion, which is raised by two hydraulic pistons, creating an entry where apparently there was nothing.

The car down a gentle slope and enters a elegant and minimalist garage floor tile black , with a bright white fluorescent ceiling evenly. A mirror helps create a sense of infinity in this exclusive garage, where for now sleep an Aston Martin, a Maserati Gran Cabrio and Mercedes SLS AMG . The wall is covered with pictures with auto motifs and access from the house is via a fully integrated in the rest of the building stairs.

The renovation of the house has also included a new garden – because they had to raise it to the full to the garage – and a cinema / concert inside the house. No published the total amount of this project, but I will say that doubt joke has dropped to seven figures . Anyway, it is a family of ancient lineage that can be allowed to play Bruce Wayne. If I had the money I would have something like that, I assure you. We will have to start saving, right?

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