The BBC suspended Jeremy Clarkson and froze the issuance of Top Gear


warnings BBC Jeremy Clarkson seem to have been true, as the controversial presenter Top Gear has been suspended for an altercation again, this time with one of the producers the show.


Jeremy-Clarkson-Top-Gear L to British public broadcaster BBC issued a statement indicating that been suspended Jeremy Clarkson, host of Top Gear program. Apparently Clarkson has some kind of altercation someone of production, which led to the station to take such a drastic measure.

Even the BBC indicated that Sunday will not be issued Top Gear although they did not specify what the situation around driving the show, or whether it will continue without the charismatic and controversial presenter.

Clarkson, 54 years old, had been warned by the authorities of the issuing repeatedly, due to problems related to racist or controversial comments , which even earned him some diplomatic problems, as the recent affaire of enrollments during the filming of a special program in Argentina.

Despite the leadership at the hearing, the hitherto untouchable Clarkson seems to have overcome the limits following the ‘last warning’ last May, after being accused of using a racist word as filming an episode of the program.

The BBC claims that the facts are being investigated, although part of the British press claims that the incident was related to clear Clarkson gave him one of drivers.

They say that while an episode of season 22 in Newcastle, the presenter of Top Gear was staying at a local hotel, I was irritated by the delay dinner and when one is rolled producers tried to explain the situation, he was greeted with a punch of Clarkson.

The BBC stated that neither James May or Richard Hammond have been suspended. The program does not deliver on Sunday and its future is still uncertain.





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