The Beast di Torino: A Fiat S76 28.5-liter engine that will surprise you


104 years ago , Fiat created S76 a beast that could reach 211 kilometers per hour and had an impressive 4-cylinder engine with 28.5 liters displacement . Went for a walk for the first time in 100 years and we show you on video.


Fiat-S76-La-bestia-di-torino-video H ace 104 years the boys who liked the speed fun with cars like this Fiat S76 , a monster with engine 28.5 liter engine that produces 300 horsepower . At this S76 knew him towards the end of last year when a video in which gave up the engine after 100 years became public.

Now its owner Duncan Pittaway took him to Goowood Festival of Speed ​​ , after his participation in the same frame last year were frustrated by problems mechanical. A Pittaway took 10 years to restore the beast that the December 18, 1913 was declared as the vehicle faster , to achieve a top speed of 211 kilometers per hour.

over 100 years ago, the Fiat S76 reached 211 km / h. Used a 28.5 liter engine.

The test on Oostenede, Blegica in 1913 was unofficially simply because the car driven by Pietro Bordino failed to return the stipulated period of one hour.

Pittaway managed to drive the S76 for the first time in 100 years under the Goodwood festival in its first test run after its restoration, and inviting Lord March a ride in the passenger seat. The moment was captured by filmmaker Stefan Marjoram who has been documenting the restoration.

Only two units of Fiat S76 were produced by the Italian manufacturer, aiming to snatch Mercedes-Benz speed records obtained with Blitzen.

While one of the cars was dismantled by Fiat after the First World War to prevent rival manufacturers get their technical secrets , the other unit was purchased by the Russian aristocrat Boris Soukhanov and then arrive in Australia, where it was modernized to participate in the Fiat Racing Special .

However, the current owner took the chassis to the UK in 2003 and he replaced the original engine block 28.5 liter 4-cylinder that produces 300 horsepower.