The Bentley Bentayga be the fastest and most powerful SUV ever created (video)

301 km / h. The maximum speed of Bentley Bentayga turn you on SUV world’s fastest production. In addition, the Bentayga shall be SUV most powerful production ever created. These two touches of information have been courtesy of Bentley, who wants to heat up the atmosphere a little before official launch at the Frankfurt , in a few days. Bentley has also confirmed what we already knew, the engine used Bentayga W12 TSI six liters, a power that will be at least 575 CV .

already has leaked the final design of Bentley Bentayga 1:18 scale.

I say at least 575 hp because it is the power of today BMW X5 M and X6 M , the SUV more powerful right now, beating almost the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. If I had to place a bet, would say the Bentley Bentayga have 610 horsepower . Neither more nor less, leaving room for an increase of power in a version eventual Speed ​​, more focused on delivering maximum performance on the road. Because do not forget, a car will be able to leave the smooth asphalt or drama.

The video published Bentley is behind these lines, and even talk of a secret facility where the top speed of the cars tested, talk about the test track of the Volkswagen Group in Germany – in the town of Ehra-Lessien where They also assessed the capacity of the Bugatti Veyron top speed. In the gigantic circuit – with straight about 10 km long – is where they have been test the tip of the Bentayga . The video is as uninteresting, an aperitif before Frankfurt.

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