The Bentley Bentayga First Edition has just been presented (but its 608 units have already been exhausted)

Bentley will also be present at the Hall of Los Angeles. And – of course – will be wearing their best clothes with their latest release, the Bentley Bentayga. With everything ready for the start of the production of their new and first SUV, Bentley Bentayga First Edition, a special edition release that will occur with a circulation very limited. Will be furnished only 608 units in the First Edition, a for each horsepower of steam developed by the motor W12 6.0 liters of Crewe. But that is not all, these 608 units have already been exhausted.

Only 608 units, one for each horse steam engine W12, to add exclusivity and added value to the Bentayga of the first customers of this SUV of great luxury.

The Bentley Bentayga First Edition, you will enjoy details very traditional, as the british flag, the Union Jack, in different places of your body and your car. Also enjoy plate lighted on the sill of the doors, wheels 22” chrome-plated, with the inside of the spokes black, and ten exterior colors at the choice of the consumer.

Your engine, of course, is the twelve-cylinder available in the rest of the range Bentley Bentayga. Of point, there will be alternatives, although in the coming months and years, we could attend to important developments, such as the possibility of incorporating a diesel with turbo power.


also On board you will enjoy a finish is distinguished, with wood panels, upholstered in exquisite leather with a pattern of diamond, and the stitching with the emblem First Edition.


Bentley also confirms that each one of the clients of this First Edition does not only take a Bentayga, but also an exclusive wrist watch Breitling created especially for the launch of the Bentayga. There will be three watches available to the customer: the Emergency, location feature (suitable for adventurers); the Cockpit B50; and the Chronomat 38, oriented to the female audience. Later on, these watches will also be available at the dealers Bentley.

Watches very important, such as those used by the Bentley Bentayga in your dashboard. Did you know that the Bentley Bentayga may be equipped, optionally, a Breitling watch that costs more than 200,000 euros?

Source: Bentley
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