The Bentley Bentayga the naked, and so is your electrical wiring

Bentley Bentayga cableado eléctricoCurrently, almost all vehicles have a complex and developed electrical installation. 30 years ago if you were to do an x-ray of a car, we hardly find cables. However, the technology advances and as can be seen from these images of the Bentley Bentayga the naked. In them you can appreciate the intricacies that form the electrical wiring, which runs almost hypnotic the bowels of the luxury SUV.

This installation is that will give life to a variety of systems including four radars, long-range, twelve ultrasonic sensors for the parking or six cameras. But this is a car of high range and also includes the suspension adaptive with a 48-volt system, an audio system with 18 speakers, heated seats, ventilated and massage; and even a fridge for the champagne.

Bentley Bentayga cableado eléctricoAll the wiring that you can see in the pictures has a weight of around 50 kg. A figure to keep in mind that the classic muscle car just take 5 kg of cable. These not only serve to raise the windows or to the functions previously said, but also take a lot of information. There are up to 100 million lines of code form the software of the Bentayga and control all its parameters.

In total, 90 control modules are in charge of sending and receiving the signals. If you saw him without the install, all the wiring would fill a pallet the size of the Bentayga. Once you have mounted the thing you change takes the form that we can see in the photos. I have to add that your mount is more complex than it appears and that each vehicle has a installation-specific and will be different to the other.

Source – Car and Driver