The Bentley Continental GT 2018 hunted again

Bentley Continental GT 2018 - foto espía

If just two days ago we did echo of the first spy photos of the new Bentley Continental GT, just 48 hours after we return to echo of another set of photographs of this highly anticipated model. And although on this occasion we see the unit tests taken by our photographers from a greater distance, it jumps to the view of some of the issues that we discussed in the previous article.

we Can appreciate some of the details that will be characteristic of the new Bentley Continental GT 2018. So that you can appreciate, the lower area of the front just like the behind with a few overhangs are shorter. And although it is difficult to appreciate it, we have the feeling that the distance between axes will be somewhat shorter in comparison with the current model.

And while it is still too soon to venture many specific details of design, we cannot leave aside what has been commented for a long time. And is that the prototype EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept will influence in great measure to the new generation of the Bentley Continental GT. In short, we find a model that is more refined but that will refer to a more sporty character. We must also be aware of the latest launches of the firm since it cannot be ruled out that echoes some of the aesthetic details of the same.

Bentley Continental GT 2018 - foto espía

in spite of this, a change in the measures of the model is, in part, logical, as well anticipate, the new Continental GT will premiere architecture. In particular, the new model Bentley will be mounted on the platform MSB shared with some models of Porsche such as the new Panamera.

The relationship with the signing of Stuttgart will go a step further since there is even talk that the next Continental GT could benefit from a hybrid system that spur some of the next models of Porsche. In addition, we can also expect that the top of range is set for a huge W12 engine with around 600 horsepower approximately.

By the way, the photographs have been taken at such a distance because the tests were being conducted on a track, private Bentley. In the previous set we find the model driving on public roads next to real traffic.