The Bentley Continental GT, 2018 is still cold in Sweden


By the time the camouflage is quite widespread, but you can guess the lines of a Continental future

Bentley is in the process of renewing and updating its fleet. We are faced with a brand that does not care too much for the time between releases, or subtle renovations. However, the Bentley Continental GT 2018 yes that will suffer important changes to its new generation.

we have Recently known the restyling of the Bentley Mulsanne. An evolution so lightweight that it barely has changes. This type of work is commonplace in the brand from Crewe, not the one that is going to be the Continental, which as we can see in the images will be a completely new model with regard to the model actsl.

And it is that that is the intention of the English. The Bentley Continental GT has the same design since it first saw the light in the year 2003. That is to say, 13 years of conservatism, that soon shall end. The new model, which not see the light until the end of next year or early 2018, will be back from his base.


The profile change is considerable, lower ceiling and elongated, more GT

Under its new bodywork hides a new platform called MSB, designed jointly with Porsche. In fact, the new Porsche Panamera will be the premiere. This will allow Bentley to have access to a few new developments, since the platform has also been designed to house propellants hybrid.

at the moment it is unknown if they will end up coming to the Continental GT, but the possibility is there. Obviously the versions mechanical more classics will continue to be present. The model for the lowest range will be powered by a V8 of four litres, while the more powerful units will come with a W12 maximum power with 600 horses approximately.

In terms of design, little more to say what I already knew and had seen in other spy photos. The “Conti” shed your skin and become a model more GT, with lower ceiling and a silhouette more elongated and streamlined than the current one. For the time being will continue in the snow by point, but soon we will start to know more details about it.


The hybrid versions are a real possibility, although at the moment they are confirmed