The Bentley of Chris Harris is the fastest in the test of Eng


with three weeks to dispute the 24 Hours of
Spa, the GT3 did act of presence in the track belgian to compete in the day
official test
of the test. With nearly 70 cars on the track, drivers and teams are met
variable weather conditions, which allowed to test different
temperatures, with asphalt, dry and wet, as well as analyze the level of the
cars one lap and on long runs. With this range of possibilities and
taking advantage of the best time of the track the Bentley Continental GT3 #30 Chris Cooper, Chris Harris and Derek Pierce scored the best time.

Thetrend overall was to see a few Audi R8 LMS very strong during a one-day test that neither can take too many
and unambiguous conclusions. Even so, the best time of the Audi R8 LMS #1 during the morning session and
the remarkable records of the Audi #74 and #75, both belonging to the team ISR, are indicative of this feeling. Even so, other teams were close to the performance of the Audi during the morning, as is the case with the Aston Martin #44 and the
Mercedes-AMG GT3 #84
, who completed the top five for the morning session.


Started the session in the evening, and with the sky threatening in
Spa-Francorchamps, Seb Morris marked a time of 2:18.292 with the Bentley
Continental GT3 #30
. The GT3 Team Parker Racing, which competes in the
presenter of Top Gear, Chris Harris, was placed well to the front of the
classification of times just before the start of the rain. Although the
rain is not too much hard and the track dried quickly, the work-based
in long runs of most of the teams were not allowed to none to improve the
time marked by the Bentley of the category AM Cup.

Finally it should be noted that four Spanish riders
took part in the official test of the 24 Hours of Spa, being all of them
typical of the Blancpain. Andy Soucek took the Bentley
Continental GT3 #8
along with Wolfgang Reip and Maxime Soulet, while Luke
was put at the controls of the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 #23. Albert Costa completed a day of intense work with the Jaguar XK GT3 and Michael
played this day of the tests with their usual Mercedes-AMG GT3 #56
Black Falcon, although not counting with Maro Engel, which has been repositioned in another