The best Black Friday of all: drifting in a Nissan 370Z than 1000 HP in the shopping center!

Black Friday, this ode to consumerism, shopping malls crowded, or in the best of cases, and thanks to the business online, offers that flood our email account. But the vision that have The Hoonigans, the team quemadillos led by Ken Block, is quite different. That’s why they wanted to take advantage of a shopping center to be abandoned, the Hawthorne Mall in Los Angeles, California, to let us a gymkhana striking and unusual, in that two Nissan 370Z with 1,000 HP of power, are the protagonists.

In a scenario as fun as this, and at the same time delicate and dangerous, by the amount of obstacles in their way, Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck delight us with an orgy of wheel slippage to dance synchronized.