The best moments in Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is a talented driver has given us great moments and great careers both Ferrari and its beginnings with Renault . Unstoppable slot comeback from late position to the first, duels with big rivals … all these moments and we were able to live in his career, and in this article we will look at some of Top Fernando Alonso moments in his career .

Best racing Fernando Alonso

Among the best racing Fernando Alonso may mark

-Great Prix of San Marino, 2005. A career remembered by fans as the battle between Alonso and Schumacher. The Spanish rider endured hellish 12 legendary Michael Schumacher turns, and it was from this point that a pilot could finally meet kaiser. When Fernando 23 years.

-Great Prix in Hungary, 2006. was during that started in relation to the Magic Alonso with the legendary Ayrton Senna, is that Spanish arrived in fifteenth position in a circuit with rain, and on the third round and was fourth.

Los mejores momentos de Fernando Alonso

-Great Prix in Spain, 2006. Fernando Alonso himself said after this GP made him feel the most beautiful emotions of his career. Here he showed his speed and managed its two stops flawlessly.

-Great Prix of Europe 2007. Another spectacular career of Fernando Alonso in the rain. Spaniards was first settled in the absence of five rounds to finish the race ahead of Massa, causing a fight between the two.

-Great Prix in Malaysia, 2012. His car was very slow and but the Spaniard managed to position first. Neither wet or dry track and the intermediate tires were enough obstacles.

-Great Prix of Europe, 2012. No doubt it was a great race the Spanish who came in eleventh position and ended in the top of the podium. Lead over ten cars between sunrise and during the race, so no doubt this was one of the best moemntos of Fernando Alonso

-Great Prix in Hungary, 2014. This is possibly the best race 2014 season Spaniard was interesting to see how acquired Ricciardo on track.

These highlights Fernando Alonso hope is outweighed by the new phase begins in this year. For fans of Formula 1 will also like this other post: highlights Michael Schumacher

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