The best of Lounge Detroit 2017: Lights and shadows in Detroit


Booth of Michelin in Detroit.

Today ends the last of the two days of press at the Detroit motor show, with two days full of presentations, some just for the north american market but other true firsts international. Among which we can highlight a good number of them, but what has caught our attention was not what we saw in the COBO Center of Detroit, but what is not seen.

The edition 2017 of the Detroit motor show has had its lights and its shadows. On the one hand we attended the presentation of two of the models most important of that market. On the one hand the Ford F-150, the vehicle most sold each year in the united States for decades, and on the other the Toyota Camry, the tourism or passenger vehicle, as classified in the other side of the Atlantic, sold more also since already a few years ago.

however, all the media expected to these dates to get to know some of the models most anticipated of the last few months, as the latest evolution of the Corvette or the Mustang.


spy Photos of the Mustang GT 2018, one of the absences of Detroit 2017.

Ford is about to present his Mustang 2018, so that such a and as indicated all the previous reports Detroit was going to be his coming-of-age, the same as the Ford GT 2017, which we do not yet know all of its data, and so it seems so we will continue a long time, despite the fact that are already on the way with the first units manufactured. On the other hand is the new and long-awaited Corvette ZR1, which we have been for months offering spy photos, and that all reports pointed to Detroit as their point of departure.

on Monday, as he approached the hour of the opening of the COBO Center, began the parade of rumors, at the same time that the inboxes of the news is saturated with the extensive notes of a press of the marks, however, presentation after presentation, or Mustang or Corvette appeared, although the rumors did not cease.

Finally, is still not to know when or will not be presented. The Mustang we expect early disclosure, taking into account that the Mustang has started to lose some ground against its rivals, although it remains the pony car’s best selling on the market. While the Corvette the various rumors have been overlapping in the past few hours and since there is who says that will be unveiled this month and who says that we will not see it until the summer.

Ford F-150


The update of the F-150.

The Pick-Up ever sold in the united States is also the best-selling model for years. 2017 Ford renewed the current generation, which has a body made mostly of aluminum, adding small aesthetic details, such as new grills to choose or light touches on the bumper.

Although the greatest innovation is the incorporation of a new block V6
turbodiesel 3.0-liter
, that will be associated exclusively to the
also new automatic transmission 10-speed, developed
jointly by Ford and GM. The firm has not revealed any information
technical of this block, although it is known that derived from the V6 3.0-liter that
used Land Rover in its range.

Chevrolet Traverse

The SUV segment is tremendously important in this market, with a range much wider than in the old continent. Hence, models such as the Traverse, with its 5,19 meters long are something usual. The new Traverse 2018 grows in all its dimensions and significantly expands its technological equipment in order to respond to the latest market.


Huge and very american, the Traverse 2018 is updated.

it Has two mechanical options, a V6 3.6-liter and 309 PS (305 hp) and a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo for the base version, with 259 HP (255 hp). Account with versions of front-wheel drive and total, in both cases with an automatic transmission of nine speeds.

GMC Terrain

on The contrary, that the Traverse, the second generation of the Terrain is constrict to be able to be addressed with the SUVs mid-size, such as the Mazda CX-5 or Toyota RAV-4. So unlike the first generation, the new Terrain 2018 looks like a more stylized and modern, less monolithic.

again, and although it may seem a lie, an engine turbo is the absolute novelty of this model american, with the addition of the block 1.6 diesel 139 HP and 325 Nm.

Volkswagen I. D. Buzz Concept


Volkswagen I. D. Buzz Concept, the spirit of the Kombi and technology autonomous.

Volkswagen presented the second concept that anticipates the future range of electric vehicles that will have the German mark in 2020. Based on the design of the legendary Volkswagen Kombi, we find the version MPV the new scalable platform specifically for electric vehicles of the signature.

With the batteries in the center and the electric motors up to 270 HP in this prototype, the I. D. Buzz Concept is able to accommodate up to 8 passengers. Features a range in cycle NEDC of up to 600 kms and independent abilities, such that they allow, with the push of a button on the steering wheel, activate the autopilot and turn up the driver’s seat.

Volkswagen Tiguan 7-seater

even Though you already knew it, since that is the version for western markets in the Tiguan L, the new Tiguan 2018 7-seater will be baptized in the united States only as Tiguan, getting the last Allspace when landing in Europe. The differences between the model that we have seen in Detroit and that will be in the national licensees will be possibly minimum, so we can say that this has been another great presentation international. The new Tiguan seven-seat account with a little more length, allowing you to have a third row of seats are folding and therefore accommodate up to 7 people.

Mercedes-AMG GT


Mercedes-AMG presented the new GT-C Coupe and a restyling for the range.

Mercedes this year celebrates 50 years of the birth of the now-AMG division, so that we will see during 2017 various presentations related to this event. One of them was the greatest novelty of the mark in Detroit, the new Mercedes-AMG GT-C Coupe, which comes to the market with the special edition launch Edition 50.

The new GT C Coupe is the closed version of the AMG GT C Roadster that the brand presented in 2016, located between the AMG GT S AND the AMG GT R. The German firm also took the opportunity to reveal a small facelift for the versions, AMG GT and AMG GT S, update is extended also to the mechanics, with a slight increase of power.

Audi Q8 Concept and SQ5 2017

The German firm had two premieres to Detroit. On the one hand the presentation of the spectacular Q8 Concept, an SUV luxury sports car that anticipates a future variant of production. The model features with the features extracted from mythic patterns of the brand, like the legendary Quattro, although the nature of the Q8 is that of a hybrid vehicle very prestacional.


Audi Q8 Concept, the future flagship SUV German.

Another model was the SQ5, the new top of the range with a engine 3.0 TFSI 354 HP and 500 Nm. The new sports version of the compact SUV the German boasts an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5,4 seconds.

likewise, Audi took advantage of the Detroit motor show to present live
the new A5 and S5 cabriolet in the united States. Models are revealed in
and are now receiving the baptism in american lands, where
begins in brief your marketing.

Toyota Camry 2018

Toyota revealed the new generation of that is the tourism more sold of the united States, the Camry, which in this new generation is transmuted into a saloon of sporty look. What seems to have caught contrapié the u.s. media, which after many years have typecast the Camry as a vehicle gray and nondescript.


New Camry 2018, more sporty.

to The contrary of what we could expect, the new Camry maintains its range of naturally aspirated engines, including the block of 2.5 liters, which encourages the Camry hybrid, which also has an image very sharp, despite not having the front sports of his brother of traditional engine.

What is new is the use of the new platform TNGA global Toyota, premiered by the current Prius. Next to the Camry street was also presented to the varianyou that will compete in 2017 in the Championship NASCAR.

KIA Stinger

The signature Korean desvelaba in Detroit the long-awaited Stinger. A rear-drive sport sedan that due to the size it sits between the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and the 6 Series Gran Coupe. With two engines, the Stinger with a tetracilíndrico 2.0 liter 259 HP and a V6 of 3.3 liters and 370 HP for the Stinger GT.


Stinger and Stinger GT, up to 370 horsepower for the new berlian sport Korean.

This model is a step forward for the hyundai brand, which comes in a
segment in which it not only not working but in which there are few
brands not european
, all of them distinctly premium.