The best of the IAA 2015, 60 photographs (the morning shift)

With the first day of the IAA already very advanced, we have to say at this IAA has been around, convertible high-flying (Hurricane Lamborghini Spyder, Ferrari 488 Spider); exotic prototypes (Mercedes IAA Concept, Mission E Concept Porsche, Audi e-tron quattro); crossovers, many crossovers (C-HR Concept Toyota, Jaguar F-PACE); SUVs even high-flying (Bentley Bentayga). But, how about a review of the highlights of the IAA 2015 in the morning shift, 60 images ?

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salon-de-frankfurt-2015-43 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-42 simply spectacular. The aerodynamic prototype of Mercedes-Benz, the IAA Concept 2015.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-36 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-37 The new Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe, the sportiest version of the new Mercedes C-Class Coupe.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-33 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-32 The new smart fortwo cabrio.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-38 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-39 A Hyundai i20 more camper, the Hyundai i20 Active.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-52 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-31 The new Volkswagen Tiguan 2016, also dressed in their plug-in hybrid version GTE .

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-59 The Bentley Bentayga.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-60 How about an impromptu picnic at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the trunk of Bentayga?

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-62 Brutal! The Bugatti Vision GT Concept, in the flesh!

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-56 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-55 The impressive prototype of Hyundai for Gran Turismo 6.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-58 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-53 Bellissimo! The new Quadrifoglio Verde Alfa Giulia.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-54 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-57 The new Ferrari 488 Spider.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-18 So comes the new BMW 7 Series, or rather, her naked body showing what the Germans have called Carbon Core. A number of aluminum structures that combine carbon fiber core.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-13 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-15 And so is the new BMW 7 Series dress.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-03 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-01 The new MINI Clubman 2015, and its practical system of back doors giving access to a wide trunk.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-21 How about a ride in the new Rolls-Royce Dawn?

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-23 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-22 The most practical side of the new Opel Astra is the Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2016.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-26 salon-de-frankfurt-2015-25 Or the Infiniti Q30 2016 the first compact Infiniti threatening to attack the A3, Series 1 and Class A, with a proposal from the compact and crossover.

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-27 An old acquaintance, the Tesla Model S, which comes in its most powerful and beast, the P90D .

salon-de-frankfurt-2015-20 The new BMW M6 GT3 , to compete with style, with style.

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will not go very far, after upgrading noon, still continue to talk at length about this IAA 2015.

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