The best postcards and christmas greetings of the brands 2016


Volkswagen is one of the classics in the congratulations on these dates.

Today is these days marked for a large part of the population of the planet, one of those few things we have in common with the citizens of very different countries and continents. From the southernmost to the northernmost on the globe, today is christmas eve (and morning, it is christmas).

, we Could edit one of the thousands of pictures we have posted during the year with some message related to these feasts, or even have made a picture coral on the entire team sported one of the well-known hats of santa Claus (or Santa Claus, whichever way you prefer). However, we preferred to do something a little bit more laborious, but which we believe will be more eye-catching.

Great part of the team we have dedicated a few hours of this special day and we launched on social networks, to capture all those images that the brand has prepared to celebrate the holidays. Recopilándonos the most interesting, curious or eye-catching, and if you are to extend greetings to your relatives, the better.


The greeting of Taki Inoue has no waste.

in Addition, some brands such as Mercedes, have taken the trouble to create microsites, in some cases so that you can enjoy an audiovisual content to be created ex profeso for these dates or even for that you can create your own congratulations custom. you Only have to click on the link on each brand.

Away from what may seem, it is not a futile exercise or a simple,
since there are literally hundreds of brands, characters, equipment, and
companies, but we believe that a date so specified he deserves it, and in the
background, we just want to wish you a…

¡¡Happy Christmas 2016!!.