The best school project: students from a school in Hiroshima restored a Mazda Cosmo Sport

and they Say that the best project that a father and son can undertake is the restoration of a classic. In Japan, there is something even better. The project of high school of a technical institute japanese city of Hiroshima. This city is the global headquarters of Mazda, which has offered the students of this institute the full restoration of a beautiful Mazda Cosmo Sport. For students, a unique opportunity to work in a classic premium and to know more in detail the history of Mazda. They have done so.

What have you done during the summer? Whatever it is, few things rise to the level of restoring a Mazda Cosmo Sport.

it All started when Mazda tried to enhance the traditional techniques – almost artisanal – in their apprentices. Even though they go to work in an assembly line, the company wants to be able to machine parts, and to work as it worked 50 years ago in the brand. 20 employees volunteered to restore a Mazda Cosmo Sport, and by the way they decided to include 8 lucky students of the Hiroshima Technical High School, who completed their summer internships this excellent way.

mazda-cosmo-3The project began in 2015, and it still has not completed the restoration, although it is about his purpose in these moments. The students they started with a Mazda Cosmo Sport used with the aim of returning to the state it was in when it left the factory in Hiroshima in 1967. Just 343 units of the first series of the Mazda Cosmo Sport first generation were produced, and today are classic highly prized. This unit belongs to the first series, whose production was more craft than usual.

The Mazda Cosmo Sport was the first Vehicle in history to mount a engine Wankel dual-rotor.

students and engineers dismantled the car completely to verify the state it was in the car. Many parts had to be replaced, and only bring back to life your engine to two rotors and 110 HP it took them a while. More than 250 parts had to be replaced, after having determined that it had deteriorated, by means of measurements and visual examination based on the technical manuals of the time. The problem is that many had been discontinued decades ago.

mazda-cosmo-2fortunately, many suppliers still had the molds and drawings of those parts. Were provided to the recovery team, that thanks to the support of Mazda was able to make them again. Imagine the experience of a teenager who suddenly sees in the position of machining of engine components of a classic manufactured 50 years ago. As usual, the sense of team and passion for the detail of the japanese has done that the end result is flawless. What have you done this summer?

Source: Japanese Nostalgic Car
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