The best technology with the new Ford Kuga

Improved security, more efficiency, less energy and more comfort are some of the many features that can define new generation of Ford Kuga , a whole fleet of vehicles ominous bring us the facilities we need to take our journeys.

nuevo ford kuga vehiculo

Some of the many new features that we provide members of the fleet Ford Kuga New Generation we find represented, for example, at its Active Park Assist system , which will give you the security of knowing where you can leave your car parked all the time, tracking the most appropriate place in this regard. To do this, you show on the screen all the instructions to follow, while the steering wheel will unfold completely automatically for you just to take care of meeting the gears, brake or gas.

For further new generation of cars Ford Kuga as already indicated in earlier lines, allow us to reduce the minimum energy consumption for more effective results and generate less spending about it. All thanks to its electric power steering ( EPAs ), which is activated only when the car you need, without wasting more energy on the matter.

Another of the facilities offered by related relative to distances maintained on cars ahead of us along our journey to provide greater security in this regard.

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) will help us master at all times speed of our car, so we can have maximum control over the way to reach our destiny. Not to mention his digital under Ford Active Vision to read road signs, control automatic high beam and alerts even if you deviate from the path.

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