The best times of Michael Schumacher

Seven times world champion Michael Schumacher has been one of the myths history of Formula 1 . Hated by many, loved by many more, it is clear that has not left any indifferent .

Los mejores momentos de Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher has been athlete records in Formula 1 and an outstanding talent, and therefore in this articles mentioning some of his best moments in your career.

The major successes of Micahel Schumacher

1. British Grand Prix 1993. A young Michael Schumacher and high commitment and need something more and no less than fights between two F1, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, leaving a very interesting race.

2. Grand Prix in Australia, 1994. This is the year where Kaiser achieved achieved his first World Cup with Benetton controversial. The German had left the track, but came back to cause a collision with Damon Hill who left both pilots out of play.

3. European Grand Prix in 1997 . Trying to win at any cost made a mistake maneuver and kicked Villeneuve to prevent it from happening. But he failed in his mission and was out of the race. Later he drew all the scores achieved in the world for their behavior.”>

4. Italian Grand Prix, emciones 2000. An epic moment charged. The driver won at Monza so that reached a record victories of Ayrton Senna, who died in 1994. At the press conference, Schumacher switch to make.”>

5. Japanese Grand Prix in 2000 . There are over where Michael Schumacher gets his first title with Ferrari. A delight for the German back to top. It was in 1995 when the German was introduced as the main driver of Ferrari, who won titles since 1979. Although the star is conrvitió pilot during races, made success does not come until 2000.

6. Seven times world champion. On 29 August 2004 he had scored his seventh title with four races to finish the World Cup, more than 30 points ahead.

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