The best trick to come out of Maranello with the Ferrari 488 GTE


The first two appointments of the WEC at Silverstone-Francorchamps and Spa have left some of the conclusions. Porsche continues to be very rapid, Toyota seems to be resurrected -at least in Spa – and Audi is able to fish in a raging river, even when you don’t have water. Within the equal common in LMP2, it seems that Roberto Merhi is getting poke your head inside the computer Manor and also between the rest of the competitors. And what is the reading of the category GTE-Pro? Thus for the moment the only possible conclusion is that Maranello has become the drink of the mage with the Ferrari 488 GTE.

it should Be remembered that the result of the new regulations governing AWG in the category GTE-Pro, there have been a series of developments. Aston Martin decided to renew the Vantage V8 GTE, in the same way that Porsche has been updated minimally, the 911 RSR, the whole time that his greatest interest is for the moment in the category LMP1. The new member of the family is the Ford GT, a model that is slowly progressing and as a suspect usual, Ferrari decided to ‘retire’ the successful Ferrari 458 Italia GTE to present the Ferrari 488 GTE, a model that has born with the same star.

In fact, the insulting superiority of the 488 GTE not only makes you think of a trick master of the firm of Maranello, but also puts in doubt the ‘Balance of Performance’, a system which was used in the WEC to match the performance and that on more than one occasion have used to their advantage the different manufacturers. Without going more far, have the collective of the WEC as Aston Martin hid in part the performance of the Vantage GTE on his arrival in the WEC, which allowed him to face-planting in some of the tests to the mighty Ferrari 458 Italia GT2.


in The end, the data speak for themselves. The Ferrari 488 GTE has
dominated all the sessions he has played except the FP1 6 Hours
, which was to stop at the Aston Martin Vantage V8 #97. However, what
more significant are the times that it has gotten margin on their
more immediate rivals. At Silverstone racing ahead at more than a second
Porsche 919 RSR during one of the two sessions of free, endorsed 1.3
seconds in the computation of the fast laps classification
and the worst
of the two 488 GTE came half a minute ahead of their rivals

At Spa-Francorchamps the story was very similar,
although at a track with lower downforce distances were
something minor. In the FP2 disputed in the path belgian took almost half a
second to the Aston Martin, in classification of the two Ferraris of AF Corse
joined by a magnificent double, but only by three tenths, as compared with the
Vantage V8 and in the race came back to win by half a minute, in this case
to the Ford GT. A result that, however, overshadows the true potential
the Ferrari 488 GTE, on the fifth hour took more of a back-to –
his most immediate rival.

In fact, the mechanical problems of
Ferrari 488 GTE #51 of Gianmaria Bruni and James Calado
eight minutes from the
end prevented the doublet in the boys race for AF Corse, a
a fact to keep in mind since at that moment James Calado led in
more of a back to the other Ferrari 488 GTE and by a similar margin to the
Ford GT of Marino Franchitti, Andy Priaulx and Harry Tincknell. We will see in
Le Mans, but it seems that in Maranello have decided to take the
category GTE Pro of the WEC with his new Ferrari 488 GTE without