The bet indefinitely Kubica and Prokop


The private pilot with a World Rally Car are in danger
of extinction
. With Lorenzo Bertelli enlisted in the ranks of M-Sport, only
are two exponents of this type of projects in the category ” queen of the
World Rally and none of the two is very clear, to where you stretch your
bet. With almost all security, Robert Kubica and Martin Prokop will be in the
World Rally in 2016
with two units of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC,
but their presence in the championship can be deflated in comparison with the
last seasons. alternative Projects are to blame.

it Is an open secret that Robert Kubica looking for a program
. The Polish want to stay in the WRC as he feels that he has progressed as a
pilot, but don’t want to pay the high cost of a private program to
full season on the unable to compete with the factory riders. By
this, the former F1 driver is looking for other alternatives and Malcolm Wilson
maybe you have uncovered the hare. In the official radio of the championship,
pattern of M-Sport has been dropped that Robert Kubica will play the DTM and the WRC

Be certain the version of Malcolm Wilson, it seems that
the ingredients are clear and more if we take into account that Audi and BMW have already
confirmed its riders for the German Championship of passenger Cars in the face
next season. In this way, Robert Kubica compete with Mercedes in the
, contesting the full season. For its part, and in regard to
the rallies, the only thing confirmed is that will play the Monte carlo Rally, with your
Ford Fiesta RS WRC private and from there you will need to decide. The program
perform is in your hands.


For the fifth season in a row Martin Prokop will be pilot
private in the WRC
. The Czech has confirmed in an interview in his
country that will participate in the WRC in 2016, although still does not have
decided their appearances
As explained, the team has been
working to improve the reliability of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC, as the
reliability was one of the problems that we lastrĂ³ on the straight end of 2015. In spite of this, the program of Martin Prokop in the World Rally
will be reduced
, which has begun to compete in raids.

In fact, Prokop loses the Rally Monte carlo. The Czech
not going to the first round of the championship and have a justification
logic. Martin Prokop played the Dakar at the controls of a Toyota Hilux V8 T1,
adding to the endless list of pilots and former pilots of the WRC who will take
part of the raid more hard of the world. Although in terms of calendar would be
possible to combine both tests, and the Rally of Monte-carlo requires a
specific preparation that Martin Prokop can not assume. On the other hand, ands
very likely that you do not refer to the evidence from China and Australia
, with the purpose of
reduce costs.