The bet of Brembo for the new Alpine A110

Brembo Alpine A110

The multinational Italian leader in braking systems presents us with a new “semi hidden” in the auto Salon Geneva. Here is the bet Brembo for your new braking system. It’s just a few brake calipers whose main feature is the technology ECS (Elecomechanical Combined Sliding).

Replete with advantages, the new brakes will be installed for the first time in the rear axle of the newly arrived Alpine A110 presented at the Geneva motor show. In contrast to this, the front axle, fit a monobloc calipers four-piston Brembo something more usual.

Brembo Alpine A110

What are the advantages of these clamps?

well, first, thanks to the intensive use of aluminum; it has been achieved to reduce the weight by 1.25 Kg per wheel. This results in 2.5 Kg of weight reduction in total, in comparison of a system Brembo conventional. On the other hand, it should be to highlight the level of customization. In this section, Brembo claims to be able to paint it the color that you choose as well as add any kind of logo (like the logo of “Alpine” in the A110).

As mentioned at the beginning, another of the novelties will be the incorporation of technology ECS (Electromechanical Combined Sliding); this means that both the function of service brake as the electromechanical shall be composed of a single unit. In the case of to perform an emergency braking (where not to respond to the hydraulic circuits), thanks to the development of a software, allow you to stop the vehicle only with the use of the electromechanical brake.

Brembo Alpine A110

Is striking the new functionality called “reclams” associated with hot brakes. In the case of parking in pending strongly pronounced and at high temperatures, the electronic system will automatically activate the brake caliper. This is thanks to the introduction of a friction compound specific that will allow for a safe parking, being able to neglect the ambient temperature.

Categorized within products Brembo EPB (Electric Parking Brake); these new calipers Brembo complete range of products, finding them boot in blue; although there will not be a long wait to be able to see two new shades of rust, black and orange.

Source – Brembo