The big 5 convertibles more ostentatious (and expensive) that your money can pay

2015 is a year of big rafters. But what what is for us a great convertible, a great cabrio? We are not only referring to a luxury car or a sporty convertible, but to a huge convertible able to accommodate you in comfort to four passengers. Convertibles very luxurious, of around five metres in length, and sometimes exceed. Convertibles that can arrive to cost almost double that of a Ferrari. Vehicles that offer all a waste of power, and yet, in many cases, they are more focused on the comfort and softness of tread, that sportsmanship. But what of the alternatives offered in the market at the moment? What are the 5 major rafters most ostentatious and expensive that your money can pay?

1. BMW 6 Series Convertible


There are two ways of looking at it. On the one hand, it is one of the BMW more expensive at these times. From 109.000 € we can access a Series of 6 “basic”. Where a basic means a six-cylinder engine, 320 BHP of power and automatic change-over. As well as an envelope of excellent quality. In any case, we are talking about a very affordable price in comparison with the other models that we review in this list. By 130.400€ you can now take a 650i xDrive V8 449 HP. You can even take it with diesel, an extravagance in a car of these features. You also have a top-of-range, a BMW M6 Cabrio 560 HP of power for 161.000€, the option is more sporty.

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2. Mercedes S-Class Cabrio


Is one of the great novelties of this year. It will be the first time that Mercedes-Benz offers a large convertible, luxury, from 1971. The expansion of the range S-Class, bringing together the coupe we previously knew as CL, and to this convertible, has allowed for the introduction of a model really interesting. We imagine that it will be placed somewhere around the 180.000€. We think this model will come with engines powerful, the smaller a V8 of 455 HP of power.

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3. Bentley Continental GTC


The Bentley is a classic. And if you are looking for elegance and maximum comfort, it is a success. The convertible version of the Bentley Continental GT called the Continental GTC. It is a convertible four-seater, really generous. You can only take it with V8 engines and W12, and to invest at least 200.000€ in it.

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4. Rolls-Royce Dawn


Is another of the novelties of the year. Rolls-Royce thought that a convertible that is more than five and a half metres, with a rear seat somewhat limited, and an approach that is more typical of the “utility” that it would choose an eccentric dictator to a parade, it was too flashy and crazy for the bulk of their customers. For that reason, Rolls-Royce argued for a model something more practical, the Rolls-Royce Dawn, a huge convertible with engine V12 of 563 HP engineered from the Rolls-Royce Wraith.

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5. Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe


finally, and for those who seek alternative, more exotic, illogical, and ostentatious, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead requires that you put on the table more than half a million euros to make with the that it is certainly the grand convertible more ostentatious your money can afford.

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