The big test of the SEAT León Eurocup 2014

The maximum adrenaline, excitement, thrills and excitement await you in Finally expected competition Race Cars SEAT León Eurocup 2014 , for what occasion he has prepared a very special where two actors famous in the world of film and television acting as Maxi Iglesias and Santi Millán demonstrate their skills on the path through the big test #RetoSANTIVsMAXI , you will see an interesting video about it?


The famous Spanish car firm mentioned proposes an experience without boundaries through awaited new edition of Seat Leon Eurocup 2014 in the protagonist of this great event in the world of engine is the new Seat Leon Cup Racer A powerful race car created by SEAT Sport. Incorporating the latest advances in technology to provide all the facilities when traveling with 330 hp , this new car will be the main object of desire of all motor enthusiasts and not only that ….

The new and exclusive model Seat Leon Cup Racer presented as horseracing actors Maxi Igleisas and Santi Millán used to create a very special competition on the occasion of the upcoming end 2014 Seat Leon Eurocup expected this Weekend 1 and 2 November at Montmelo circuit, a destination that will see the new winner of this major automotive event.

One of the features it does, if anything, more exciting experience for the two young actors on the back of new Seat Leon Cup Racer is that none of them have ever stepped on a racetrack, so that their level of knowledge and management of this type of vehicle is zero.

For the same reason, these professionals of cinema and the small screen count at any time with the support and advice of a professional pilot Jordi Gene . Thanks to your workouts and wise advice regarding problems driving, braking, skidding wet and plotted both as Maxi Iglesisas Santi Millán will be the new kings of the road, but who wins?.


The #RetoSANTIVsMAXI is the name that is known for this big test both to play. You can also participate and offer, from a distance, your support for one of the two participants knew. Social networking will become the main way for you to convey these messages of strength and optimism through hashtag #ApoyoSANTI or, on the contrary, #ApoyoMAXI . And best of all, if you choose to participate, you will be in the draw for an expected double entry VIP , which gives you access to Paddock, a great driving experience Cupra where you will be accompanied by a professional pilot and also can enjoy a hearty snack in Hospitality SEAT.

If you do not live in Barcelona, ​​we have to worry, because SEAT and be responsible to pay for travel and accommodation. As if this were not enough, and that no lover of this kind of competition is again, everyone can participate for free until the end of Seat Leon Eurocup 2014 is not bad, huh?

What about you ?, what I like most of these competitions?

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