The biggest scam ever view of the Plan Pive Get discovered!


Operation “Foresee”; this is how it is called the biggest scam ever produced regards the Plan Pive and that has discovered the Guardia Civil in Ciudad Real… and in many other Spanish provinces.

operation has culminated with 14 investigations, 78 people arrested and 29 people investigated. It all began when a neighbor complained that we were charging tax on vehicles of mechanical traction…

What is without a doubt, the biggest scam is discovered related to the Plan Pive. A fraud that had spread like wildfire through numerous Spanish provinces, including Córdoba, Lugo, Guipuzcoa, Jaen , Toledo, Almeria and Madrid.

How did the suspect?

Aprobado el Plan PIVE 6 ayudas a la compra de vehículo

A neighbor natural Villanueva de los Infantes (Ciudad Real), realized that they he had been charged the tax of vehicles of mechanical traction in a car that had been given a final low in a waste treatment centre.

These investigations took place in December, 2015 by the Team of Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Valdepeñas. We detected a series of anomalies in the processing of the documentation of the floor of the vehicle.

the title to The vehicle was transferred to a third person and given low-only three days after without having provided consent to the true owner and complainant.

In what was the scam?

Concesionario Citroën

More simple than it seems… seller of the vehicle new, offered the customer the option of purchasing a vehicle might be fulfilled with the features that collects the help of the current call Plan Pive.

The dealers acted as mediators where they put in contact the client with the scrapping of the Solana for that to acquire the ownership of one of the old vehicles by a price that ranged eetween 150 and 400 euros.

apparently, once the grantee had the disposition of the documentation, this was attached to an agency, faked as appropriate signatures to contracts of sale and documents of transfer.

To stop, the complete documentation, was submitted to the Provincial Traffic respective whose jurisdiction allowed to benefit from the popular Plan Pive.


Plan PIVE 8

The breakdown of the 75 detainees is the following: 44 of them benefited directly from the public assistance, a total of 11 are related to the sale of cars by means of workshops and dealerships accused of crimes of fraud while other 20 workers from agencies they have been charged with the crimes of identity theft and falsification of documents as a method for committing the crime of fraud.