The bike most brutal on the planet has a V8 417 CV and is called Aurora Hellfire OZ26

a while Ago I spoke of the brutal PGMV8, a bike of australian origin whose V8 engine of 2.0 liter gave a bestial 334 HP. It seems that things are heating up in the summer of our antipodes, because Aurora Motorcycles has just launched a mule called Hellfire OZ26. It is a ultrabike – think of a Koenigsegg with two wheels – whose eight-cylinder motor delivery 417 BHP of power. A power disproportionate, installed on a machine whose weight is only 265 pounds. Afraid, very afraid.

The bike uses a frame traditional aluminum, and a transmission to the wheel shaft.

Definitely, it is necessary to be crazy to attempt to ride a bike as well. The engine is a new development, a V8 very short career and only 2.575 cubic centimeters of displacement. With double camshaft in head, engine is a able to develop 417 HP at 9.500 rpm, accompanied by a maximum torque of 319 Nm at 7,000 rpm. The figures are typical of any high-performance sports with four wheels, and remind me in part to that a preparer japanese managed to put together two engines of motorcycle in a Subaru BRZ.

This beast has been the darling of Vincent Messina, a mechanical engineer australian based in Thailand, where he has established the base of operations for the production of your Hellfire. Expected to get funding for at least a few units. The bike certainly has a look of something handmade, and the work does not reach the level of quality of the PGMV8, built by a group of engineers with rich experience in competition. All in all, it is a good attempt that I granjeará notoriety.

Its maximum speed has been estimated at 340 km/h. I’m sure that can be even more rapid.

Messina has created a design that is both futuristic, with two lenses LED vertical and a fairing aggressive, with a multitude of turns and considerable details. The fairing is of composite material and leaves visible the two banks of the engine, which have been covered with a metal decoration, not too graceful. All in all, the more upgradeable they are in the seat and the tail fairing rear, that seem to be creations home. Even so, it has not been skimped on quality components, that may tip the balance toward the other side.

Talk of a Brembo braking GP4RX high-performance, disk carbonocerámicos to a maximum braking capacity. It also has suspensions Öhlins high-end and abundant components in carbon fiber, as well as a final drive to the rear wheel by cardan – few chains would withstand such torque and power. The gearbox has five ratios, and some type of drive sequence, since it can operate both from the handlebar as well as from the typical left pedal.

Has a traction control with 10 different settings, and several modes of riding, controllable from a screen TFT. Essential when the orders of the right fist have about as much power as a Porsche 911 Carrera S. at the moment there is no price or date of sale, but surely will not be cheap. Will he be able to defeat the all-powerful Kawasaki Ninja H2R? Listen as the roar of their V8 in the video that we leave then. The second video is promotional, it does not have sound.

Source: autoevolution
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