The BMW 1-Series Sedan finally only be sold in China

The BMW 1-Series Sedan is a front-wheel drive produced by Brilliance in China, which for the moment do not venture out to other international markets.

Fruto of a covenant sealed with Brillance, was born more or less a year, the BMW 1-Series Sedan, a variant of four-door-Series 1. Although we knew that it was a model destined for the chinese market, the first information suggested that the model could come to some markets in Europe and Latin America.

however, according to informed Coach by a source close to the German company, the BMW 1-Series Sedan will be limited to the chinese market.

If you ask what is the reason of this decision, the answer is simple, because that BMW believes that its format of body is not currently popular in Europe and your expectations of the sale are low.

But that is not all, as from the German brand believe could cannibalize sales of the 3 Series, something that has happened to Audi with its models A3 Sedan and A4.

it Is a curious decision considering that the Audi A3 Sedan is marketed in Europe, and Mercedes announced that it will sell an A-Class Sedan in the european market to 2018, when the model debuts her fourth generation.

The current BMW 1-Series sedan is a front-wheel drive based on the platform UKL, which also uses MINI. However, when the next generation of the BMW 1-Series adopt definitely the front-wheel drive, a variant with the sedan body could eventually find its way into the european market.