The BMW 1-Series Sedan is already here! A BMW 3 Series in miniature that we will not see in Spain

What we had been waiting a long time. BMW had promised the launch of a product very important and special, a sedan version, with a body of three bodies and four doors, the BMW 1-Series. And here we are. The new BMW 1-Series Sedan – that looks own a BMW 3 Series in miniature – just be unfolding in your first image but, unfortunately, we will not see it in Spain, nor in Europe. And is that this new BMW 1-Series Sedan will only be sold in the market of China.

Of time, and, except surprise, the BMW 1-Series Sedan will not be sold in Europe.

BMW tells us that this product has born the fruit of his collaboration with the industrial conglomerate Brilliance, with which it maintained close ties in order to facilitate its expansion in China, and produce in the asian giant.

That is not all. The BMW 1-Series Sedan would have been developed in Germany and would have been making his point thanks to the collaboration of chinese engineers. In any case, we insist, is a product destined for China, where will also be built, to suit the needs of the customers that – for the moment – will be the only market in which it is marketed. And to this day it does not appear that this product, go to call at other western markets, like the european one.

bmw-concept-compact-sedan-11The image above and the gallery that accompanies this image does not correspond with the BMW 1-Series Sedan, which itself appears in the first image of this entry, but with the prototype BMW Concept Compact Sedan.

The BMW 1-Series Sedan, which is presented as a BMW 3 Series in miniature, has received a design inspired by a car that met last year, the BMW Concept Compact Sedan.

His aesthetic is easily recognizable. Its front follows the pattern of the series 1 and 2 of BMW, with the kidney on the grill, clearly visible, and a lateral line marked by following the aspect that commonly found in models of upper segments.

at the moment we have very few details regarding their characteristics. According to BMW, this car has been set up to deal in all kinds of circumstances, on roads well paved and terrain is broken. On their dimensions, and their specifications, I’ll talk about later, as you approach the date of your final presentation.

Source: BMW