The BMW 3 Series and 2 Coupe US pass the test of the IIHS

BMW Serie 3

BMW is one of the brands of cars that more effort puts the security of your vehicles is beyond any doubt. The inclusion in their models of the most advanced security systems and driving aids do that every time they are subjected to the crash test is always to work with very good notes. However, in all countries, the tests are not the same, and there may be cases, as has happened now.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has decided to try the current generation BMW 3 Series to know how to solves the shock proof up to 25 per cent on the front of the car. This test is not performed in Europe by EuroNCAP, and therefore the manufacturers do not usually take into account when developing the structures and chassis models. However, in the united States is a test that provides a lot of value to the safety of a car in case of frontal impact with this level of overlap.

As can be seen in the video the current Series 3 does not end very well stopped after impacting against the barrier of 25 per cent. However, the note that was obtained with respect to the units of 2015 it is of Top Safety Pick + and the reason is based on the same model as was tested with the units in that year and the note was even worse. After getting this bad score the manufacturer has modified part of its structure and recalibró your system of prevention of collision and lighting system.

With all of this, now if you can say that your model is one of the safest in its class in regards to this type of crash test and impact. However, this mark has to share with the new Audi A4 as the model of the signing of the four rings was the first of its category which obtained this score.

The other model which has also gone through the evidence of the IIHS is the BMW 2-Series Coupe. The note, obtained by the small coupe has not been as good as his older brother. In the previous test, the score obtained was the same as the 3 Series (Marginal) and despite having received similar improvements in your chassis and lighting system and emergency braking has only managed to get as note a Approved. Therefore, passes tiptoe by the enough but surely the BMW engineers will work to improve it in a short time.

Source – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

BMW Series 3
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