The BMW 3 Series G20 shows us its interior

we do Not expect to meet him until the second half of 2017, but BMW is working on the tuning seventh generation of his saloon compact: the Series 3 G20, that in this occasion he shows us some details of its interior while doing some test for Munich.


so that you can see, and although this is an inside half cook that you can still share parts with the 3 Series in effect, the new 3 Series shows a design of a continuation of the which is dominated by the sobriety and the horizontality on everything else, with a console oriented toward the driver, and a grouping of the society that while it about to the current model, that hosts a most simple design in such a way that reduces the size of both islands from control of the console.

touch screen of the multimedia system Connected Drive maintains a similar position and shall be accompanied by a box of instruments formed by a large screen that will project the areas as well as diverse vehicle information and drawings of the gps system, among others. As it is expected, will be the operating systems Apple Car Play and Adroid Auto.


Outwardly, the BMW 3 Series G20 shows tiny differences with respect to the current, such as a bonnet somewhat more flattened, with less of a ‘hump’, which has a few larger lighthouses and is attached to the grill of kidneys to the style of the BMW 7-Series. Also notice a greater distance between axles that will improve the interior space as well as to shorten the back part to lighten the set.

All this should be accompanied by a set lighter in order to reduce its total weight along with a range of engines more efficient to which will be added to the hybrid model and the M3 as a more powerful variant.

waiting for new data, we’ll leave you with the spy photos.