The BMW 3 Series turns 40


BMW 3er Familie, von E21 bis F90;  Eisbach Studios Pasing, Februar 2015; S e is a product that hit the market 40 years ago as a replacement for legendary BMW 02 and today after [1.99901 million] six generations were pruning say is the model that the German mark [1.99901 million] wrote his modern history. BMW not be what it is today if the 3 Series had not existed.

40 years after its launch, the [1.99901 million] 3 Series still accounts for their buyers, a product that combines [1.99901 million] elegance and sporty qualities that have not lost in six generations.

The 3 Series debuted under the [1.99901 million] Frankfurt Motor Show 1975 and gradually evolved to become a sales success that quickly beyond the borders of Germany.

BMW 3er Familie, von E21 bis F90;  Eisbach Studios Pasing, Februar 2015;

Six generations have passed since we launched the BMW 3 Series in 1975.

During these four decades, the BMW 3 Series has retained its qualities, while [1.99901 million] was winning technology and performance . What astonished the customers of that first generation was the sporting behavior , ensuring by Asquel then was unique in its segment, which was accompanied by powerful and efficient engines and a system of [1.99901 million] traction Rear , generating a mechanical assembly difficult to beat.

Two years after its launch, the 3 Series surprised with new technologies and some unique features in its segment, as [1.99901 million] engine inline 6-cylinder and mechanical fuel injection system , plus the use of lightweight materials such as magnesium and aluminum, which did more to promote weight reduction and improved performance.

In addition, the 3 Series family was enlarged over the years, offering new body variants. And in its second generation, it added a 4-door variant and shortly afterwards a body [1.99901 million] family, a convertible and M3 mythical added.

In his third generation debuted a new [1.99901 million] Coupe besides the unprecedented variant [1.99901 million] Compact. However, in its sixth generation, the family was enlarged to cover several smaller niches, and offered with bodywork Sedan, Family, Gran Turismo and M3 Sedan besides having given birth to the new [1.99901 million] Series 4 offering the body Coupe, Convertible and Grand Coupe.

BMW 3er Familie, von E21 bis F90;  Eisbach Studios Pasing, Februar 2015;


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