The BMW 5-Series 2017 is walking around with his body end


The new BMW 5 Series 2017 mounts your body final

The new BMW 5 Series 2017 let themselves get caught by our photographers. The sedan segment And is left to see for the first time with your body complete although it still remains hidden under the vinyl to misdirect our gaze. The signature bavarian has practically completed the sedan that will face the new Mercedes E Class that is about to arrive. The battle is served.

front and technology inherited from the new 7-Series

Presented at the end of 2009, the BMW 5-Series is a key model that already has its years in the market and that will be submitted soon its substitute, the same that we see in these spy photos After the launch of the 3 Series (2012) and Series 4 (2013) and now the new BMW 7-Series in 2015, the time comes to renew your vehicle in a segment in which very soon will land a major rival as is the Mercedes.

Several units of the sedan of BMW were captured by the cameras giving a walk through Germany. It seems that your body is full since that carries the optical end of the front, expanding to a main grille wider, as in the behind, in addition to bumper new, reflective and a dual exhaust that is perfectly integrated in the bodywork of the vehicle.


We sense that will look more parallel to the new 7-Series that the range of the 3 Series/4 Series. In its interior you will find the latest news of BMW in terms of technology among which we do not rule out a dashboard fully digital, at least as an option, a feature much in demand in the category vehicles in premium, as well as headlights Full LED and may also allow to equip even headlights of laser technology as its older brother and the BMW i8. Other features are the augmented reality and driving systems autonomous.

In its supply of engines we expect to find the recent blocks announced for the new 7 Series, that is to say the 530d with the propellant diesel Twin-Turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder 265 HP, 540i with the petrol 3.0 Twin-Turbo 326 HP and the 550i that incorporates the engine 4.4-liter V8 450 HP. It will also have up to three variants hybrid among which we find the 530e 245 HP and the 540e 326 HP.

it Is expected that the new BMW 5-Series will be officially presented during the Paris Salon.