The BMW 5-Series already has prices in Spain

BMW Serie 5 2017

In the mid of the last month of October, BMW was making public all the data, and a multitude of official images on the update of its sedan medium, the new BMW 5-Series. Among other things, we pointed out that the bavarian manufacturer had introduced all the technology that was available in the new BMW 5-Series, neither will have much to envy in this sense the flagship of the company, the BMW 7-Series.

BMW has confirmed the prices officers of the versions that will be available at the time of its launch, with four petrol and four diesel. The lower power turn to four-cylinder engines, while the most powerful use blocks of six cylinders. All the variants are turning to turbocharging and, with the exception of the smaller diesel with less power, all are associated with the automatic change.

BMW Serie 5 2017

Version Change Power Price
Version Change Power Price
530i Auto 252 HP 56.400 €
530i xDrive Auto 252 HP 58.400 €
540i Auto 340 HP 67.500 €
540i xDrive Auto 340 HP about 70,500 €
520d Manual 190 HP 49.400 €
520d xDrive Auto 190 HP 54.300 €
530d Auto 265 HP 61.900 €
530d xDrive Auto 265 HP 63.300 €

These eight variants will land in our marketplace during the next month of February. In addition to that all the engines are modern, with a lot of technology and, in theory, also be quite efficient, BMW has done a great job in the development of this new generation. This can be seen with data as a Cx of just 0,22, or in the lightness of about 100 kg compared to its predecessor thanks to the concept BMW EfficientLightweight.

on the other hand, we can highlight some technology systems to facilitate the conduct. In fact, this model will have, optionally, a series of aids that will allow for driving semi-autonomous as the control of lane keeping, in combination with the speed control active, which takes control of the steering wheel to try to keep the car in the central area of the same, being able to perform these corrections at a rate of up to 210 km/h.