The BMW 5-Series GT in 2016 continues with making his point

Since a few years ago BMW has in its fleet of 3 Series and 5 Series, models which, without becoming the typical rancheras, have a more-than-generous interior space. We refer to the units of GT, which will still be present in the future, as can be seen in these images of the BMW 5-Series GT 2016.


ahead everything seems to indicate that the 5-Series GT 2016 is ready to be presented

The new BMW 5-Series is close to be, in fact, in the last pictures spies it is allowed to see certain parts final. The younger brother of the renewed 7-Series should be official in the next few months. Surely the Geneva receives such a cordial visit, although we may bring some surprises in a living american who is about to take place.

With the arrival of the 5-Series GT BMW would terminate the range, to which we must add the BMW 5-Series Touring, which has also been allowed to see before the lens of our photographers. Even the Nürburgring has been the scene of evidence, which once more shows that the German mark takes great care of the dynamism of their models.

The truth is that it is not the first time that we see the 5-Series GT in 2016. The last time we did this it showed the same level of finish. This indicates to us that although its development is advanced, there are still things to finish off, such as the rear lights and some interior areas, which I show you.

it Is expected that the revamped sedan to be able to offer a level of technology of last generation. The progress of its most direct rival, the Mercedes E-Class 2016, has forced BMW to include devices such as augmented reality and driving autonomous partial. Items that could easily be part of a top segment.


however the rear still presented headlamps provisional

In the (mechanical not expect big changes. four-cylinder engines will be accompanied by blocks of more powerful six-cylinder and some other version with alternative mobility. In fact one of the mules testing of the 5-Series GT was discovered by employing a hybrid system with fuel cell.