The BMW 5-Series Touring 2017 last its development shortly before his presentation


Aesthetic continuity to the 5-Series Touring.

Following the presentation of the new 5-Series sedan, which took place last October, in BMW are finalizing the last details of the variant Touring of the 5-Series, which will be presented at the beginning of 2017.

The spy photos that illustrate this article correspond with one of the units of final validation, probably units already in pre-production and as you can see, already show their final characteristics and final elements. As in the previous occasions that we have been able to hunt this variant family, the camouflage that porta is minimum, and is limited to hide, with little success, the new features in the behind.

as we have seen, both with this and with other similar units, the new 5-Series Touring will still have a rear window quite inclined. One of its signs of identity, like the “Hoffmeister kink”, the fold of the last pillar so characteristic of the brand, and peeks out under the camouflage.


rear window is very sloped.

This pillar also shows, as the previous generation, quite thin, allowing a wide glass surface. So we can say that this new iteration of the 5 Series Touring does not present big novelties in the aesthetic plane, following the aesthetic continuity that we observe in the 5-Series sedan.

Both the new 5-Series Touring, making their debut in this new generation platform CLAR that will give life to all the models of the brand, from the 3 Series and X3 to the current 7-Series, in addition to future models that can use higher denominations, as the X7 or Series 8.

The range of engines will be identical to the newly released 5-Series, which we already have prices in Germany. A range composed by blocks of 2.0 and 3.0 liters in both petrol as well as diesel, with a power range that starts at 252 horses. Your filing date remains secret, but we can expect an early appearance official, either in January, at the Detroit motor show, or as in the spring, and may be in Geneva or New York.