The BMW 507 Elvis Presley’s restored and ready for his debut

BMW 507 de Elvis Presley

The legendary BMW 507 from Elvis Presley has been restored from top to bottom.

a little over a week since we became echo of the legendary BMW 507 Elvis Presley was being restored to be presented to society during the Contest of Elegance of Pebble Beach the next August 18. Well, after more than two years of hard restoration process, we can already admire the end result. And yes, this iconic BMW 507 is already enjoying a second youth.

The best thing of all is that this BMW 507 will be auctioned off to in that event. A model in which many collectors have already put their eyes. And that is the fact that a personality as special as Elvis Presley outside his former owner, is a major attraction for collectors. The car has been restored by a team of BMW Group Classic, and, as we have said, it has taken a little over two years.

The BMW 507 Elvis Presley was found in very bad conditions a little more than two years in the barn of a farm in San Francisco (united States). After becoming certified that it was the iconic BMW’s “King of rock and roll” started with the entire process of restoration. If we take into account that only manufactured 254.507 units of the BMW 507, is already in itself a model very exclusive.

BMW 507 de Elvis Presley

The car has been like new, and is already enjoying a second youth.

To this we must add the plus of having been a owner of this feather. A factor that will impact directly on the price achieved during the auction in Pebble Beach. Account with the serial number 70079 and has undergone some changes quite questionable. For example, the Elvis decided to paint the car in a red tone brilliant. In his time, Elvis commented that he chose that color in order to avoid that his fans left marked with lipstick their kisses in the car.

After Elvis Presley sold his BMW 507 to a dealer of Chrysler in New York, passed into the hands of the radio host Tommy Charles. And as far as is known, Charles decided to compete with this BMW, but paying a high price. changed the V8 engine of 3.2 liters for a block of Chevrolet that received numerous modifications to offer high-performance. The gearbox, rear axle and the box of instrumentation had to be replaced. Few pieces left of the original model.

After passing through the hands of Tommy Charles, the BMW 507 which in your day led to Elvis Presley had several owners, ending in a farm of San Francisco. During its restoration process, the guys of BMW Group Classic have had to combine classical techniques with the most modern technology. For example, has used 3D printing for the production of some components for which, obviously, nowadays there is is manufactured. In addition, the car has been re painted in its original color: Feather White.

BMW 507 de Elvis Presley

So was the BMW 507 before being restored.

The engine has also been rebuilt from scratch with
original parts and upholstery, as well as a box of instrumentation and
different controls have been designed for the occasion. The the result of this complex restoration
the who has faced the BMW is as close as possible to what a day it was the
BMW 507.