The BMW 6 Series GT already saw that with the package M Sport

this is Not the first time our photographers get
“throw the gauntlet” the new BMW 6 Series
during any of your testing sessions. Since a few weeks, the
BMW engineers have been moved to the north of Europe to continue with the
development of the new models they are working on. And that is, the
fact be able to submit the mechanical, electronic and, in short, the vehicle
in your set to extreme temperatures as well as snow or ice, allows you to
the engineers collect very valuable information.

BMW Serie 6 GT M Sport - foto espía

First spy photos of the BMW 6 Series GT with the package M Sport.

In these new spy photos we can see the BMW 6 Series GT testing in a region of northern Sweden. However, and although it may seem at a glance that there are no changes with respect to other prototypes photographed above, if we look closely, we will see a novelty and very interesting. And is that for the first time we have been able to “hunt” for the BMW 6 Series GT with package M Sport.

If you look at the front and on the side skirts, the brand has added a new camouflage with which to disguise all the elements of body that make up the above mentioned package that, in short, seeks to accentuate the side more sporting of the model that bears it. In this case, the 6 Series GT. In the front bumper you can enjoy some air inlets of larger size while the side skirts are slightly larger.

Remember that the BMW 6 Series GT that will hit the market is the successor of the well-known up to date as the 5-Series GT. The name change will come accompanied by all a number of new features, both aesthetic and technological, and mechanical. A model more modern, efficient and advanced in all aspects.

BMW Serie 6 GT M Sport - foto espía lateral

The BMW 5-Series GT will be renamed as 6-Series GT in the new generation.

In terms of the (mechanical, as already published in exclusive, the range of engines of the BMW 6 Series GT will be composed by a total of nine options. We will be able to opt for diesel engines as gasoline and three hybrid versions plug-in. The range of powers will boot from the 190 HP and the top of range will be set by the 465-HP M650i xDrive. At the moment there is not planned a true M version developed by the division Motorsport. However, the door is not closed.

All versions may be associated with the package M Sport (that we see in these spy photos) as well as other packs that are optional that will make up the range (Sport Line and Luxury Line). Some engines will come with the all-wheel drive xDrive, although in the vast majority of the range will be optional. Each block will be connected to a gearbox eight-speed automatic.

¿When will he be presented? The start of the long world of the new BMW 6 Series GT will take place at the Frankfurt motor show 2017. Will arrive at dealers by the end of next year.