The BMW 6 Series GT more-sports accessories M Performance

BMW presented the new accessories M Performance for its new 6-Series Gran Turismo. A set of components with the sports that suit him very well to her new “giant” of more than five metres. From brakes and high performance diffusers in the rear, the optional elements are not only limited to aesthetic matters, but rather contribute to improve its dynamism in tangible form.

it May appear that the 6 Series Gran Turismo is not a car especially dynamic. It measures virtually the same as a BMW 7-Series and is 6 cm taller than this. However, is an improvement over the model it replaces, the 5-Series Gran Turismo. Despite being fairly larger and more spacious than that, the engineers have managed to reduce their weight more than 150 kg, so that its dynamic behavior will be quite better. This section is where the components M Performance as the wheels of 21 inches or huge brakes with four-piston calipers can give the final push to turn it into a sports car and fun to drive.

dynamic Enhancements of accessories M Performance

As you can see in the photos, the brake calipers are red in color instead of the typical blue color, which have been using the division, BMW M. brake discs vented and perforated, are of larger dimensions, the brake calipers are of aluminum to reduce their weight and are fixed with 4 pistons at the front axle and floating with a single piston in the rear axle. Thanks to this, the braking system has a lot of more resistance to overheating although he drive very sporty.

In regards to the tires, not only they have a larger diameter of 21 inches, but that also fit some wider tires, especially behind. Its dimensions are 245/35 R21 at the front axle and 275/30 R21 on the rear. Its design is twin-spoke, and can be chosen in silver or with a combination two-tone black and silver.

accessories M Performance for the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo also includes a optimized suspension to improve your acceleration ability and its accuracy in curves. The exhaust system is stainless steel coated carbon fiber or chrome and offers a sound more serious and sporty. The diffuser rear dual can be carbon fiber hand-made or of polyurethane with a design that is more discreet painted in the color chosen by the customer.

aesthetic Modifications-M Performance

Among the accessories M Performance there are also elements designed to accentuate the sporty design of the 6 Series GT. These are the frames for the grill double black, the rear-view mirrors of carbon fiber, the bars M Performance for the air intakes of the brakes and the adhesive side with the inscription M Performance.

In the interior have been added to the sport steering wheel BMW M Performance and cams for the 6-Series Gran Turismo is shift-sport Steptronic 8-speed. The material that has been used to wrap the pan is Alcantara to enhance grip, is stitched with a cross stitched in color silver and has a center mark that indicates the center.

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