The BMW 7-Series 4-cylinder could be a reality, but only for China

To the recent leak of the version V12 of the new BMW Series 7, a hypothetical BMW M760Li, is now added the idea of an alternative that would embody the opposite side of the range, a BMW 730Li that in spite of doing gala of the body bigger would be under your hood with a mechanical 4 cylinders.

This Series 7 would be the same engine that the BMW 330i:

For now BMW has confirmed the arrival of the BMW 740Le, a hybrid version plug-in

BMW blog is responsible to warn us of the arrival of this alternative would be the 4-cylinder 2-liter of cubicaje that already uses the BMW 330i, offering a power of 252 hp with a torque of 350 Nm.

This alternative would intended for the market chinese, hence to offer the body longer.

what Would make sense in other markets?What In Europe? I think that yes

Recall that the range of the BMW Series 7 is currently articulated in Spain by the BMW 750i and 750Li, 449 hp, the 730d and 730Ld 265 hp 740d and 740Ld 320 horses, counting all versions of all-wheel drive.